SmartMax Flower PalaceKids got right to work, or should I say “play,” with this starter Smartmax set. Intrigued by the magnetic construction pieces, they quickly learned that cold and  warm colored bars attract each other while cold and cold repel. Connecting balls bond with all the pieces as kids made a playground, which then became a house and finally a tent. Multi-sized pink, yellow, red and orange flowers jump onto the structure to add that personal touch. One finished product quickly morphed into the next as kids realized the balls could become wheels and the panels could be the body of a car, which somehow became a spaceship. Language grows during dynamic play and building opportunities, as children experiment with the magnetic pieces and create structures and vehicles to move along a story. Kids brought their mini dolls and super hero figures to enter the structures and ride the vehicles, learning to be creative as the building changed. Flexible toys make space for creativity and language learning!

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