PLAYMOBIL-City-Action-Space-Rocket--pTRU1-23288625dtKids couldn’t wait to get their hands on this space rocket, ready for take-off. It launched quickly, racing around the room after activating the 3-2-1 ignition sound effects, and flight sounds with kid-sized buttons for easy start up. After several rotations around earth (the playroom) our kids separated the capsule and then took off the nose cone to give flight to the satellite with unfolding solar panels. After the mission our rocket returned to the launch pad for some much needed check-ups and maintenance. Playmobil’s signature detail to props amazed parents and overjoyed kids as they put their technicians to work at the different stations with computer screens, monitors, a phone, sensors and tools to monitor the status of the rocket. While the platform moves vertically, two mobile arms slide horizontally so the space technicians can do their work. With three flying options–rocket, capsule and satellite, light and sound effects, repair, fueling and communication tools, this set stimulates story telling within many categories of preparation, flight, landing, planning and maintenance. This Space Rocket in the hands of kids generates pretend play and language learning at its best!

By Bob Artemenko

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