Just looking at these finished dolls makes me happy knowing how much fun some first graders had making them. Wishful, Happy and Goofy each have their own unique fashion style, facial expression, mood, and story to express through their outfits. Girls chose their “mood” from scared, excited, worried and sad to calm, determined and others. Then they carefully picked a matching face to express their feelings and started to dress their dolls with floss hair, clothing, pom poms, rhinestones, lace trim, fur and handbags. The feelings conversation began with the selection of a face as one little girl asked us our opinion on “Wishful’s” face which had her eyes closed as if dreaming. “I found the perfect face for Goofy.” “I wonder what a “Wishful” face looks like?” We talked about what it was like to feel “goofy” and “happy,” and why they chose a mermaid tail to show some imagination for “wishful” and make “Goofy’s” outfit complete. Mixing crafts and conversation is a rich experience as kids talk while they are crafting and learn to express their feelings and recognize them in others, increasing their EQ (Emotional Quotient) and building social language skills. They were so proud of their dolls that when I asked to keep them for a while to take pictures they said, “Are you gonna say the owner?” So Rylee, Eloise and Talitha were the proud creative owners of these dolls!

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