51TTjbm1X-L._AA160_Young fashionistas have grown up with disney characters and now they can take on a new role of designing fashions for their favorites–Tinker Bell, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and more! Removable stencil sheets, 50+ stickers and sketch sheets provide just the right tools for young designers. With 16 inspiration pages, girls 8 and up are given just enough information on characters to inspire design direction such as roses, bows, birds and diamonds for Snow White or silverbell flowers butterflies, little animals and acorns for Tinker Bell all linked to the story line.  Motivating ideas and questions get the creative process going, “What about Tinder Bell’s personality?” or “What kind of feelings does she invoke?” Tweens are inspired to think critically and creatively as they translate their childhood favorite characters into fashion designs, tapping language skills.  My three sister testers grabbed a spiral book and got right to the creative process, sharing ideas and final designs for their grown-up Disney princesses.