Summer is for splashing and definitely a time for playing. With fun themes to choose from (PAW Patrol, Minnie Mouse, Ariel), the SwimWays Splash Mat offers an engaging platform for sensory water play, fostering developmental growth while encouraging interaction and connection with caregivers.

The SwimWays Splash Mat provides a multi-sensory experience, through tactile, auditory, and visual stimuli. Just connect your hose to the mat and and enjoy! By interacting with the water and observing its movements, children learn about cause and effect, developing their understanding of how things work. If I put my foot over these holes, the water doesn’t spray up!

Outdoor play is essential for children’s overall development, offering unique opportunities for physical, cognitive, and social growth. The SwimWays Splash Mat encourages outdoor exploration and active play, providing a safe and stimulating environment for children to develop gross motor skills. As children move and navigate on the Splash Mat, they practice balance, coordination, and muscle strength. Outdoor play also promotes sensory integration, helping children regulate their sensory experiences and improve their attention and focus.

The SwimWays Splash Mat allows for meaningful interactions and connection between children and caregivers. As children explore the water, caregivers have the opportunity to engage in rich language experiences, supporting language development and communication skills.

Using different verbs, like walk, step, jump, march, sit, wiggle, and dance! Or using descriptive words to talk about their water experience, naming different objects and colors, and encouraging vocabulary expansion. Through meaningful conversations, caregivers foster language acquisition and strengthen the parent-child dyad.

The Splash Mat from SwimWays offers an enriching experience, promoting sensory exploration, physical development, and language skills. Through sensory water play, outdoor activities, and caregiver interaction, children can dive into a world of learning and discovery while having fun in the sun.

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