13664Assembling a beautifully illustrated puzzle can be such a relaxing and engaging activity for multiple ages to spend time together. We had such fun looking for the bright pink flowers, aqua stegosaurus plates, purple striped T-Rex and mossy forest floor. There was lots of conversation as we searched for and described the dinosaur’s head, pteranadoyn’s wing tip or 2 fingered hand needed to complete the picture. Puzzles require matching and recognition of patterns, as you find just the right piece to complete the picture. Ravensburger puzzles are outstanding and stand on their own but in a new puzzle+app series, the learning continues as you download the app and have 3 activities to enjoy–panorama, interesting facts, and quiz. In the first activity, turn around with your device to reveal a larger landscape including your puzzle picture with information dots to tap for further naming and facts about dinosaurs pictures. Who knew a Coelophysis had hollow bones so he could be a speedy pack hunter? We had some fun discussing why the T-Rex only hunted weak or injured animals, or what we think the purpose was for the stegosaurus’ plates. Concentrate on in-depth facts about the animals pictured in your completed puzzle by touching the information buttons. Finally, the “Quiz” section asks 10 multiple choice questions to check your understanding of these intriguing dinosaurs. Kids can’t get enough of them!

Available at Ravensburger