Kids are drawn to Tad’s Fridge Phonics as they hang out in the kitchen and have a game to play while learning the alphabet! Select a letter tile, press it and learn about letter names, phonics and word skills through three progressive levels: “M,”  “M, mice, musical mice (as the mice sing)” “M says mmmm.” Learning the alphabet and the sounds represented by the letters is the beginning of reading that will unlock a whole new world for kids. Seeing and feeling the letter, hearing its name, sound and words beginning with that letter provide a multi-sensory learning opportunity led by the child as he experiments with putting different letter tiles in the apple. Best Mom, Best Dad and Me tiles can be personalized with pictures so children can hear fun phrases, “Super sweet Mama,” “Love you, (smooch),” or “Rock Star Daddy.” Music adds to the learning fun when you press the light up button and hear an alphabet song. Learning phonics, building vocabulary, and introducing pre-literacy skills, this apple has a lot to say about how fun it is to learn to read!

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