1835_1Tape-a-Doodle is just that–all about decorating your doodles with this trendy tape! Designed with little girls in mind, this set includes 5 colorful tape runners featuring polka dots, peace signs, zebra pattern, smiley faces and hearts. Kids filled cupcakes, trees, dresses and fingernails with segments of tape to enhance simple drawings in the Tape-a-Doodle journal included. As a language specialist I love that across from each design is a lined page where girls recorded comments, descriptions or stories related to their tape illustrations. With 95+ feet of pre-printed tape and colorful markers, kids loved creating their drawings. Our set was declared, “Cool,” as kids tested out the easily manipulated tape runners. “You can’t turn with it,” one girl said but that’s where the ingenuity comes in. Creating with art and recording your process or final product builds language skills for later learning.

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