0002717_G-7-30_360Some of you have seen my video when I discovered the prize at the end of the first day of the Toy Fair. The “Teacher Chair” was awaiting me among all the cute imaginative play tents in Pacific Play Tents’ booth. I can’t tell you how comfortable this padded chair is whose back reclines easily to 6 positions. Like many therapists and teachers, I am on the floor a good percentage of my teaching time and it’s becoming less and less comfortable. I usually try to back up against a piece of furniture until it starts to move back with me! As an itinerant therapist I carry my materials to different homes. When I arrived with this chair over my shoulder, even Dad said, “Wow.” Mom, a first grade teacher was so excited to see how comfortable it was and her kids fought over sitting in it. She said, “It’s a big trend in education right now to provide alternative seating for all kids so they don’t have to just sit in a chair at a desk all day.” “We have balls and a couch in our room. My principal would love this.” Providing a comfortable seat for a teacher so she can be at the kids’ level as well as possibly a fresh alternative to traditional seating for kids that learn best in a less restrictive mode, this Teacher Chair is a must for the classroom. By the way, she wrote me the next day that she showed it to her principal who okayed her purchase of 2 chairs for her classroom! That’s quite an endorsement.

Available at Pacific Play Tents. Click here