I don’t know what it is about kids but they love miniatures and this grab bag of fun is full of them! I tested the Think-ets “Holiday Collection” which includes 15 trinkets–including a Santa, tree, book, golden ring, snowflake and polar bar with kids 8 years old and up. Start by telling a story alone or taking turns, selecting an object to extend your story. Kids loved creating twists and turns to the group storyline using the props in different ways such as the book became Santa’s list of who was naughty and nice, or a map for him to get back to the North Pole while the bowl held a cinnamon bun left for Santa or fed his imaginary reindeer. With instructions for 10 games to play with the Think-ets, kids have lots of play potential in that little draw-string mesh bag. Our testers particularly liked the option to group the miniatures  by similarities and differences and let your play partner guess how they are alike or different. Think-ets encourage language development, story-telling, writing and imagination as they excite creativity and learning. Small enough to fit in your pocket, Think-ets are a perfect take-along companion for fun while waiting, traveling or filling time on the go. Teachers and therapists (particularly itinerant ones) should take note of this clever toy.

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