Tinkle Crinkle CaterpillarBabies talk more to a face, and this Tinkle Crinkle Caterpillar has such an inviting set of embroidered eyes and fuzzy red nose, that a child can’t resist touching and talking to him! Each of his six sections has a different auditory experience from a squeak, rattle, crinkle and more for baby to squeeze or shake to hear. Perfect for tummy time stimulation,  this caterpillar invites exploration and discovery on each of the six sections of differing colors, patterns and textures as he stretches out in front of the baby. Parents can encourage their child’s language development by describing what she is touching, tasting or feeling, “You’re holding the caterpillar’s polka dotted antenna.” Or “You’re squeezing his red tummy.” “I hear a crinkle noise.” Babies are like little scientists deciphering our language by listening intently to our descriptions of what she is exploring. Outstanding baby toys like this caterpillar provide many opportunities to talk about the toy and what your child is doing with it through play, building her speech and language skills.

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