Roar, twist, spin, press, swivel, and play! Tracy the Fidget Triceratops provides valuable opportunities for language development and learning through pretend play, vocabulary development, sensory exploration, and fine motor skill development.

Brightly colored Tracy Triceratops offers 10 ways for tiny hands to fidget and engage in a fun sensory experience. Her back spikes spin, her wide dino feet twist and click and her tail moves back and fourth, all while kids are practicing dexterity development and hand-eye coordination. With each movement, caregivers provided the language input to assist with vocabulary development by using nouns and verbs together. “Yes! Her spikes spin! Spin, spikes spin.”

Kids also loved bringing Tracy into their pretend play, role playing prehistoric scenarios with modern twists (dinosaurs would absolutely eat tortilla chips, right?). This type of imagination play helps develop storytelling skills, practice conversation, and enhance children’s ability to express themselves.

Tracy invites interaction, sensory development, and building on language skills through play. She’s the perfect take along partner for the car or stroller, to keep hands busy but also the perfect friend at home to invite to play. It’s a roaring success for both play and education!

Available at Learning Resources, Amazon, and Target