Strictly Briks keeps engaging kids with new creative ways to play with building bricks. The story is that their CEO remembers the fun he had as a kid playing with trap doors and extending ramps for escape, racing or parking! Since Strictly Briks’ products are compatible with all major brick building brands, they give a new dimension to story telling. Our friends got right to work with the baseplates, making different configurations, getting out a bucket of cars and designing the best getaway adventure. Props like this keep kids driving the open-ended play, without highly prescribed toys that tend to lead the play. Research shows that children learn more in the former scenario than the latter. Children are designing the physical prop (ours figured out how to have the car loop his way out of the structure) as well as the story, in this case a  good guy/bad guy chase, building language skills, essential for reading and writing. The story changes depending on which toys are brought to the structure, people, cars or animals. Plots are limitless, depending on kids’ imaginations, which is what makes play so much fun AND beneficial.

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