Ready for an immersive dinosaur adventure? VR Dinosaurs by Abacus Brands stands tall bringing the wonders of the prehistoric world to life in an awe-inspiring virtual reality (VR) experience. It educates and immerses young explorers in an interactive virtual museum and even a dinosaur chase!

Download the app and attach your smartphone to the included VR goggles inside. Also inside the box is an 80-page interactive DK encyclopedia that provides incredibly detailed illustrations, diagrams, and descriptive information about all sorts of dinos.  It’s packed with learning about dinosaur facts, diets, habitats, and behaviors to better understand the creatures that once roamed the Earth.

This gift set even includes a dig-out rock where dino lovers can excavate a 10” T-Rex fossil (excavation tools included). This hands-on experience is great for developing fine motor skills and knowledge of dinosaur anatomy.

The immersive VR experience in VR Dinosaurs is an educational journey that leaves a lasting impression on kiddos. By visually and audibly engaging with dinosaurs in their natural habitats, children gain a deep understanding of these ancient creatures’ behaviors, environments, and interactions. This multi-sensory learning experience cements knowledge, making it vivid and tangible, ensuring that the lessons learned are not just memorized but genuinely understood and appreciated.

Available at Abacus and Amazon