The Wild Animals Puzzles Deluxe activity book by Highlights is for every animal loving kiddo. It dives into the captivating world of animals and their habitats, but also offers an array of language benefits that make it a must-have for young learners.

With more than 600 hidden objects throughout the book, the Wild Animals Puzzles Deluxe will have kids practicing visual scanning, reasoning, and logic as they strategize to complete each puzzle. It integrates education and entertainment through a variety of activities, including puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, jokes, and more.

Each page has vibrant illustrations, capturing the essence of each animal and their habitats. This visual richness keeps kids captivated but also promotes vocabulary expansion as they encounter new pictures and words related to animal species, habitats, and behaviors. Our animal loving puzzlers enjoyed describing the pictures they saw and creating fun dialogue during their cooperative puzzle play. “Look! That polar bear is making a snow angel, but he looks cold! How can a polar bear be cold?”

Language development takes center stage as kids learn fun facts about different animals, their characteristics, and the ecosystems. They loved creating their own scenes with the included stickers and especially loved retelling silly animal jokes! This shared dialogue makes learning fun but also strengthens relationships and communication skills.

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