Yackety Smack! is just that–a game of silly noises and fast paced smacking to beat your opponents. Kids couldn’t wait to record their own noises in the Sound Smacker to match two of  the four corresponding playing cards of a singer, karate kid, slime or a wild card of your choice.  Shyness is not allowed as kids tried out their best vibrato, ninja cry, squish or sound effect. Something about making noises frees kids of their inhibitions and I must say boys seem to have a bigger repertoire! Once play starts, each player in turn flips over the top  card on their pile until both the cards that correspond to the recorded sounds show at the same time. Think and move fast to be the first one to smack the Sound Smacker and you win that round. Language learning comes in when kids associate sounds with images, call on their visual and auditory memory, and discuss their way through this fun, wacky game.

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