It is such a treat to be welcomed into homes and ushered into the playroom and see what a child’s world looks like. I have seen rooms filled with so many toys that there is no place to step, and other play areas with just a few thoughtful toys set out that the child can choose from.

The other day, I was at Will’s house and Dad had been on child-care duty the day before. 15 month-old Will proudly ran into the “house” that dad had made with him the day before, layered from 3 cardboard boxes, complete with cut out windows, doors, and shrubs colored on the sides. What a creative dad this little guy has! This was the perfect toy–several moving parts, the ability to move in and out, behind, next to, to pretend and hide. So many times we think as parents we need the “best” house or kitchen set with the most bells and whistles when in reality, the simpler, child and dad-made product wins out. There were no doorbells, switches, buttons or lights to distract Will and he could direct the play without distractions.