I am excited to share my new videos of toys that enhance language. Parents always ask where I “find” these good toys that capture their child’s interest and stir their imagination. They wonder why their child can play so long with one toy and continually come up with  fresh conversation. A good toy or game that enhances language: 

  1. Encourages skills that are age-appropriate so your child is free to explore, discover and create in that environment such as the “Folding Castle Playset” 
  2. Is flexible with many moving parts, compartments, openings and surfaces so your child’s play can change direction and her storyline can continue to evolve through many episodes, such as the “Tree House Playset” by Melissa and Doug.
  3. Provides lots of opportunity for description introducing rich vocabulary which is tied to reading comprehension years later, such as “Freddy the Firefly” by Lamaze.
  4. Is open-ended, meaning your child steps in as the “Director” of play, using the toy to tell his story, not the other way around, when the toy dominates play and your child simply pushes buttons for a response, such as “Rub and Dub, Pirates of the Tub” by Alex toys.

Let me know what you think of the reviews and most importantly, please share any toys, games or books that you have found to be stimulating to your child’s language development and play. Use the comment section and share what has captured the interest of your child. Thanks!