One of my favorite game buddies is Justin who turned 6 today. He loves to try a new game and can even stand to lose which is rare for a boy his age. He invited me to try out his new present, a game called “Sherlock” by Playroom Entertainment, which was loads of fun. Place eight picture cards face down in a circle and then send super sleuth, Sherlock, off to remember what is on the cards. If you remember the picture you are directed a certain number of spaces in a direction to guess the next card. If you are correct, the card goes face up and you collect it. The winner is the first player to collect 6 cards.

Now wait a minute. This sounds easier than it is–yes, I lost to Justin today. this clever game requires you to remember the identity of the cards as the mix keeps changing. Counting and following directions are involved as well as visual memory. Lots of conversation is generated as participants are helpful or try to trick you.
Another nice feature is this game comes in a small box, easy enough to take along on a trip and the price is right too.