Maybe because I am working with a lot of boys lately or it’s spring and the ships are sailing, but my thoughts are turned to finding a great pirate ship for pretend play. Kids love to invent a story about the pirates, sailing on the seas, blasting off cannon balls, searching through their telescope and standing a pirate behind the driving wheel.

Having played pirates for many years, I can tell you good ships that bring out your child’s language and pretend play. Always look for interchangeable parts–maps, telescopes, cannons, sails, parrots, pirates etc., who can be manipulated as your child invents his story and explores the open sea!

Here are some of my favorites:

Mega Bloks My Pirate Ship with Blocks and Figures: Recommended ages 24 months-6 years.

mega blocks pirate shipThis ship has three removable levels for varied play–you can put your pirate to sleep downstairs, go into the map room or take a nap on the middle level or shoot off the cannon on the top. Kids can lock different characters in place as well as props such as the telescope or sails. Add the parrot to the tree and the mermaid and you are off to sea!

Fisher-Price Little People Lil Pirate Ship: Recommended ages 24 months-5 years

Fisher Price pirate ship

This pirate ship lives up to the reputation of the little people sets by Fisher Price. With the potential for lots of action like swinging in the hammock, spying in the crow’s nest, walking the plank, or nappping below in the sleeping quarters. Pieces are removable and interchangable so your child can invent new stories. Heads up because kids love to launch the cannon ball!

Playmobil Pirate Corsair: Recommended ages: 4 and up

playmobil pirate ship

For the older child you can’t beat a pirate ship by Playmobil. A starter chip would be the Playmobil Pirate Corsair. It is the least expensive and has fewer accessories but you can always add on to the shipmates with related pieces like the Playmobil Pirate Treasure Chest. Just open up the chest and pull out the pier to receive the ship. You have eating accessories, a monkey, trees, a secret compartment hidden by rocks, and a cannon for protection. Another accessory that kids love is the Playmobil Pirate Raft, used to escape the island or go for a sail.
playmobil pirate raft