Today was a day for celebrating! Domenick graduated from speech therapy after 5 years of hard work on many sound and language goals. He started when he was three and now he is a big, old first grader, writing and reading.We had a chocolate party with shakes and brownies. The whole family was invited because they all contributed to his success. Little sister Samantha had to be quiet and give up some of her favorite activities to stay home so Dom could have his speech time.

Mom and Dad have been so influential as they followed through on practice activities during the week. Upon arrival at their home, I could see his speech homework paper tacked on the cork board with comments indicating they had practiced. Of course it was evident as I started to work with Dom that week, because he had improved in my absence. Life is full of challenges and celebrations. Today is Domenick’s day to rejoice! When he began speech therapy he was hard to understand but today, as his mom says, “His speech is better than lots of kids in his class!” Good for you, Dom. I will miss you. Keep in touch.