I can’t tell you how many times I learn a great lesson from a child–one that inspires me. Here goes.

Yesterday when I was talking to a friend, she mentioned that her daughter, Becca, had befriended a peer with autism. She shared about their weekend trip to the beach and how her daughter takes time to explain things, change course when her friend gets “stuck” in a behavior, and even slows down her speech to be understood. Clearly it is unusual and praiseworthy that this second grader has the compassion, patience and confidence for a friendship with this little girl.

Apparently there is a cost to this friendship because Becca is being teased by other girls in her class for befriending her peer with special needs. That hasn’t stopped Becca. Planning her birthday party, Becca placed her friend at the top of the list of invitees. Good for her. She will reap the rewards of going out of her way to learn and care about someone just a little bit different than herself. Becca is taking a risk and she will be the winner here.