With social networking sites becoming so popular, it’s no surprise that I found one just for moms, www.mamasource.com. Take a look at the range of questions moms are posing to each other in the last 2 days–allergies, getting your child to sleep, kids bullied, disciplining a 2 year-old, 3 month-old won’t take a bottle, breastfeeding, a diet for a child with ADHD, choosing a jog stroller and potty training a 2 1/2 year-old. I am impressed with the encouragement moms are giving each other as they try to help solve common parenting challenges.

In addition, you can research topics, ask a question, answer one, and find a local business from party goods, kid’s clothing, and employment to fertility services.

So check it out. It’s free and connects you to other moms.