As we honor dads on Father’s Day, you might want to give Dad a book to share with your child. Here are my picks:
Daddy and Me by Karen Katz: This lift-a-flap book emphasizes prepositions—in, under, and behind—while building “guy” vocabulary. Sorry if that’s not politically correct but more guys play with tools than girls. The simple story of making a project together, introduces the tools and materials necessary to finish Henry’s doghouse.
Daddy Hug by Tim Warnes: This picture book for 3-5 year-olds is packed with great adjectives to describe Daddy. Jane Chapman’s beautiful illustrations (she illustrated Bear Snores On) capture the differences between animal daddies—spiky, fluffy, creaky or slimy. But best of all, tender daddies keep us safe and snug with plenty of hugs.
My Father the Dog by Elizabeth Bluemle: This picture book for 4-7 year-olds stacks the evidence against Dad—he must be a dog, not a human. The facts can’t be ignored. From scratching his itches, fetching the morning paper, growling when he’s startled from a nap, or fetching balls, he’s clearly only pretending to be human. His loyalty and love for the family are his best dog traits yet!