Okay, you’ve seen Nanny 911 where she packs up the pacifiers and waits for the “Paci Fairy” to sneak in at night, take them away and leave some goodies in return. Or maybe you’ve tried wrapping up the pacifiers and “giving” them away to your friend’s new baby. In any case, getting rid of the beloved pacifier is a challenge.

In their new book, No More Pacifier for Piggy, authors Bernadette Ford and Sam Williams weave a social story aimed at the toddler set. Ducky engages his buddy, Piggy, in a game of peek-a-boo, and finds that his friend is inhibited by the pacifier plugging his mouth. How can he smile, laugh or answer his friend with that pacifier in his mouth? But can he give it up? Even when it falls to the ground, he has reserves in his pocket. Finally he sets it aside and realizes all the fun he has missed.

Sharing this book with your toddler might be the extra tool you need to launch her to the next grown-up stage.