I love to have my “play on words” sessions with moms and dads of typically developing children because I pick up so many funny but poignant stories.

Yesterday I met with Jack and his mom and dad. Dad is high on my daddy list because the last time I came, there was a big cardboard house that he had built and decorated with Jack. Anyways, Dad told the story of being left at home without his keys. (Mom had mistakenly taken them with her to work!) Without realizing it, while searching the house, Dad was repeatedly talking to himself saying, “I need my keys.” Later, little Jack who had been listening intently to Dad, kept saying, “Nee, nee.” We aren’t sure if he was saying “key” or “need” but he surely was imitating Dad!

Remember, you have an audience so take advantage of it. Describe your actions and activities like a running commentary whether you are picking flowers, strolling to the beach, or watching a bird. You child is listening and taking it all in.