When I visit babies in their homes, I always learn what “works” for different babies and families. Four-month-old Caroline’s parents picked up on their friends’ recommendation of playing lullabies fashioned to rock music to put her to sleep. It worked for the next door neighbors and it works for them.

Check out Rockabye Baby at Rockabyebabymusic.com to hear the instrumental melodies fashioned “to make children’s music cool” according to their website. You can rock your baby to sleep with renditions of Greenday, the Rolling Stones or U2 to name a few. They’ve strived to make the music “gentle enough for babies that doesn’t bore the parents.”

Caroline’s dad said, “The songs seem to be more dynamic than traditional baby lullabies, but the limited number of instruments & sounds makes them simple enough to be soothing to fall asleep to. Also its cool that she can listen to U2 songs.”

So try a new cool experience with your baby!