I have had several “extended stays” with babies lately. Much to my joy I have had grand babies and grand nieces visiting.

I am reminded to take my own advice when stimulating a baby’s language. We know it is important to talk to our babies–feeding them language as we chat about what we are thinking. doing and seeing. We are rewarded with a little smile, stretch or grin and even a “coo” or “goo.”

Little 4 week-old Celeste is visiting and last night I was talking away to her and had to force myself to stop and wait for her response. Sometimes babies will respond rather quickly with a “oo” or “uh” but many times it takes a bit. I waited as Celeste stretched out her arm, cycled her little legs, opened her mouth a few times and finally she let out a wonderful response to me.

Certainly keep up the running commentary as you talk to your baby, but don’t forget to wait and listen for their response. At this early age they learn the social give and take of a conversation and are rewarded with your comments and smiles as they talk. It is worth the wait!