I came across a video of a mom’s experience in coming to grip with her child’s diagnosis of autism. I thought it might be helpful to other parents as they face the possibility of their child having autism. On the NPR (National Public Radio) website (scroll down to the bottom) there is an audio show of the Brown family’s journey through their son, Gibson’s early years. His parents sensed that “something was off but couldn’t pinpoint it.” They didn’t get a definitive answer from their doctors and professionals. It wasn’t until mom took Gibson to see Santa Claus that it hit her. Her son wouldn’t have eye contact or smile at Santa and simply played with his beard. The insightful mall Santa asked if Gibson had “that autism thing.”

Now don’t get me wrong. Many kids–mine included–don’t relate to Santa and won’t look him in the eye because they are scared to death of him, but this was a last puzzle piece for this mom to seek a professional assessment.

So tune in if you want to hear a mom talk honestly about dealing with her questions, denial, and acceptance of her child’s diagnosis.