Boston Terrier in Halloween costume

I just had to share my buddy, Oreo, with you. He’s not my dog but I grew up with Boston Terriers so he just makes me laugh. He’s a really good sport and half human so a Halloween costume is no big deal to him!

Here’s another book to share related to Halloween about bats.

Stellaluna by Janell Cannon is the endearing story of a baby bat, separated from her mother after an owl attack, landing in a nest of birds. As their friendship grew, each tried to be like the other—Stellaluna, eating bugs from mama bird and the baby birds trying to hang by their feet. Finally, discovered by her bat friends, Stellaluna learned of her differences—her ability to see and fly in the darkness, eat a mango or hang by her feet. Anxious to share these abilities with her friends, she soon discovers the differences but realizes that being so different is okay because really they are so much alike!

This book gives you the opportunity to talk about differences. Differences between animals or people or things. Do comparisons, pick two animals or objects and list the similarities or differences back and forth with your child. This builds language skills as your child analyzes differences in looks, form and function. Talk about how friends are different. Quinn is a fast runner, Brooke is a good drawer, Ryan is fun or Will is patient. Talk about how each friend has special qualities to appreciate.