Children's creative play with puppets, Manhattan Toy

With the current financial crisis going on, everyone is talking about how to save money. I was watching a Target  commercial the other night, and they were advertising hair clippers to do your own kids’ haircuts etc. I wanted to share my own tip for saving money and getting great educational toys for your kids.

Okay, I guess I have to admit I am a a bit of a scavenger! My girlfriends (and now their daughters) and I love to hunt for bargains at tag sales on Saturday mornings. Each of use has something we are hunting–18 year-old Alex made off with an elegant vintage bathrobe that she could wear to a party, Renee got a wooden ram for who knows where and I of course am hunting for toys for the grandchildren. Last week I got this royal puppet theater where you can part the fringed curtains and even set the time for the show to start. The theater plus the monkey puppet for only $2!  You can take advantage of the fact that young families want to “clean out” when they have finished a stage, especially the baby equipment stage, and you can pick up used children’s items for a fraction or their original cost.

Books are a great buy at about 50 cents or a dollar. You can never have enough books for your child. Fill her library and let her choose or share them with friends. Be informed about what things cost when new so you can bargain your way down to a good price!