I was at 4 year-old  Isabel’s house yesterday and she had a family project to do, sent home from preschool. She had a drawing of a turkey with three directions: cut it out, glue it on thick paper and “disguise” the turkey so it can escape being eaten on Thanksgiving! 

Isabel had decided to disguise her turkey as a ballerina. She and mom carefully selected glitter markers (with lots of pink!), pink curly ribbons and stickers. As she followed the 3 directions (by two years a child should be able to follow two directions and by three years of age, three directions), her ballerina turkey was slowly covered up with a variety of materials. 

I asked Isabel, “What is a disguise?” She mentioned that you can’t be seen, talked about a mask, and how people can’t find you. What a wonderful language lesson to talk about a concept and give examples of what are some disguises and when we want to “hide.” Having just had Halloween, many ideas popped up. A fun book to go along with this theme, The Featherless Chicken, is all about disguises and being accepted for who you are! Check it out. It is a favorite of mine.