Children's creative play with blah blah dollsTwo Year-old Will introduced me to Blabla dolls today. He was my “shopping buddy” as we visited one of my favorite stores, Airlie Moon, in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. We had talked about how we would point to what we like instead of touching it and I thought that my grandmothering skills were working. I looked away for a moment and found Will inspecting these delightful dolls and then next thing I knew, he was hugging two of   his chest!

They are delightfully cushy, bendable and engaging with whimsical kid colors.  Grabbable and huggable, these dolls and animals are ready for kid’s creative play. Minus batteries, noises and lights, these open-ended toys are ready for your child to create the action.

Check out their website to see the fascinating story behind the company. Two long-time friends traveled to Peru and discovered entire villages of expert knitters who had been knitting for generations. They decided to use their creative talents to design products, including dolls.

One of the friends,Flo, grew up in a creative family in a chateau in France with “no TV or washing machine…just a grand piano and lots of books.” After studying art in Europe and having a career in design she started to design for Blabla.  I love to see the origin of creativity. She probably made her own fun as a child and is now designing kids dolls with just enough flare to spark a child’s imagination.