eebee play matAfter raising three boys and just spending the holidays with preschoolers, I am reminded again of how much fun a fort can be! It brought back memories as my oldest son grabbed the pillows off the couch and made a tunnel for 2 year-old Will, much to his delight. A tunnel, tent, fort or castle—no matter what you call it—a kid sized abode becomes a place to hide, sleep, peek out and pretend. I wanted to share some of my favorite forts, old and new, to create a land of fantasy, and bring on the giggles.

Eebee Playmat: Babies can crawl across the entertaining panels or get their older siblings to attach the pieces to make a house. The mirror, window, eebee face, cut-outs and peek-a-boo curtain maintain the interest of little ones.

Yookidoo Play Hut: This kid hut made Parents and Parenting Magazines’ list of top toys of the year. Sturdy, yet easily collapsible, it provides fun inside and out. With kid-sized openings for coming and going, and shape sorting, spinning and ball play on the exterior, kids are entertained on all sides.

Circo Kid’s Frog Play Tent from Target: Enter through the frog’s wide mouth, step across his orange tongue and you can zip yourself in to this hideaway. Easy to assemble, this fort is most like a tent with four collapsible tubes to support the frog. It breaks down to fit into a compact carrying bag. Big enough to hold some friends it measures 35” high and 71” in diameter. The price is right at around $20.