Kids' Christmas Nativity SceneWe know that children learn language best when it relates to their everyday experience. This is the season of several religious holidays so parents are interested in reinforcing the stories and significance behind the celebrations that their families observe.

If you celebrate Christmas, take a look at the Little People Christmas Story Nativity Scene by Fisher Price. There are a variety of sets that include kings, animals, donkey carts, hay, Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus at various prices. Kids love re-telling the story, rearranging the figures and assimilating them into their other toys. My son, Peter, reported that 2 year-old Will has been taking baby Jesus and the animals for rides in his airplane all around the house and has hidden them in his play tent too.

Wooden sets are great for older kids too who arent’ tempted to put things in their mouths. You can also assemble your own set, gathering some animals from the play room, using playdoh to make hay, a manger or figures.Encourage your child to look around and gather pieces for the scene. Then watch their imagination take off!