Parents often ask me for advice on best toys and games for gift giving this time of year. 

A wonderful source for top educational materials for kids is the Parents’ Choice 2008 Holiday Gift Guide.  This trusted resource is divided by age, price and 20 child interests such as pretend play, bugs, butterflies and backyard fun, family games or dinosaurs and earth science. I just clicked on the age of my nieces and nephews, found a gift matching their interests, a few more clicks and the gifts were on their way! If you are interested in a certain type of media, go to the Awards section and click on DVDs, software, audio, video games, etc. and see reviews of award winners by year. One mom called me and was looking for recommendations for educational video games for her 6 year old. His younger brother has autism and she knew that he would be eventually playing too so she wanted a good educational game. I sent her to the Parents’ Choice winners.

Parent’s Choice  Foundation has been a trusted reviewer of children’s media since 1978. I am never disappointed when I get something that they recommend and review.

For my tips and insight on how to build your child’s language through toys and games, see best educational toys for gift giving that build language.