Step2 50's DinerMy friend, Jody, wrote to say that she had gotten the Step2 Diner for her 5 grandchildren from birth to 2 years old. Christmas morning the diner was a hit as the two oldest sat down for a chat. I am not sure if that is the food strewn on the floor but I do know that Will is holding Maggie’s fairy wand so maybe their meal will magically appear! The beauty of this diner is that it is double sided so it accommodates more kids for pretend play and offers different roles to assume. One side is for the cooks and chefs and the other side is for the customers. Add a waiter or waitress with their pad of paper for orders and many children are accommodated.

Make sure you provide paper and crayons or pencils so kids can “take orders” and pass them through to the chef. Research has shown that when children practice writing letters, they are better able to recognize them.