This is the time of year that parents are starting to make the decision about whether their child is “ready” for kindergarten. Often that decision is made based on a child’s social skills rather than academic. One of the behaviors needed for a successful kindergarten experience is the ability to share. As you raise your preschoolers and teach the concept of sharing, picture books can be helpful. Here are two that deal with sharing:

Mine! By Mathilde Stein: One night, ready to hop into bed, Charlotte found a little ghost under her covers. The only word he seems to know is, “Mine.” He grabs the covers, hoards the tub toys, is stingy with the sock pile and takes the toys. Patient Charlotte offers a rational reply to each act of selfishness. A friendship grows as the little ghost learns how to share and take turns.

The Boy Who Wouldn’t Share by Mike Reiss: Grumpy Edward, the keeper of the toys, will simply not share with his sister Claire—not his rocking horse, wizard’s hat or teddy bear. As he sits hidden inside his pile of toys, he misses out on a lovely treat while guarding his treasures. Claire of course doesn’t hold a grudge when her greedy brother has a change of heart and offers his tangle of toys for a day of creativity. Note: be sure to offer alternate language to the “Mine” reply that Edward uses repeatedly, such as “Let’s share.” “You take a turn.” “I am almost finished and you can play with this.”

What picture books do you use to teach sharing? or what picture books that are favorites deal with this concept? Leave me a comment and let’s share 🙂