One of Each, book on sharingHaving just spent an hour with two three year-olds, facilitating play, I realized that sharing is an ongoing challenge for preschool peers. As parents and teachers we need to be patient in the process of teaching this social tool since it takes time for children to grasp and exercise sharing.

I wanted to share (ha!) a few more picture books that you can read to your child and discuss sharing–the feelings behind complying or holding on to that toy for yourself. 

  • Will Sheila Share? by Elivia Savadier is a very simple story of Sheila learning to share. There are some things she can share and some she can’t.  Berries, juice, hugs and kisses are all options for sharing. When she realizes the downside to withholding her berries, she decides to share.
  • That Toad is Mine by Barbara Shook Hazen. Another simple picture book set in rhyme, this tale begins with buddies who can share until only one enticing toad comes along. As they argue about who gets to keep him, the toad hops away. Mad at each other over their loss, they start to kick a stone and are soon sharing kicks until their mad goes away.
  • It’s Mine by Leo Leionni.  Three quarrelsome frogs, Milton, Rupert and Lydia fight over owning the water, earth and air on their little island. When a flood covers their land, they  are forced to come together and share the last little hump protruding out of the water. With a change of attitude, they delight in a more peaceful existence as they declare the island “Ours.”
  • One of Each by Mary Ann Hoberman. Oliver Tolliver had quite the setup. He owned one of everything, keeping his world quite perfect until it was pointed out that there was no room for a friend. He raced out to purchase a second one of each possession, invited over friends and shared his bounty much to his delight.
What books do you like to read to your children that teach sharing. Let me know in the comments below.