preschool boys reading books

When Dad was on duty babysitting, it got a little too quiet. He went searching for the boys and found them both next to the bed reading. Older brother, Will, loves books so that is no surprise but little sibling, Ben, hasn’t showed the same attention to the printed word. He was just mimicking his big brother! 

How fun to be able to take advantage of this admiration of an older sibling and his love of books! Many parents ask me for books that will hold the interest of siblings in spite of the age difference. Choose books with an interesting storyline, but less print so the younger sibling’s shorter attention span will be accommodated. Also, find books with great illustrations, to keep them both entertained while you read. Reading with lots of expression and engaging the kids as you read, drawing them into the story will keep their attention too.

What books do your kids enjoy that you can read to siblings and they stay seated??! Share your favorites in the comments below.