mother holding up her infantI want to thank my youngest son, Peter of, for the use of his beautiful artistic photography on my website. I love using pictures along with my blogs and articles to give life to the words.

Pete captures kids in their rare moments of being funny, mad, silly, mischievous and just being kids!

Do realize that the best pictures on my site are Peter’s and the less professional ones are those that I snapped throughout my day. I actually travel with a camera in my purse now because often I am greeted by kids in costume, or funny situations occur as I visit homes and work with children. One of my favorites, four year-old Chloe, usually greets me in some combination of feathered high heels, a pink tutu and jewels. I guess I should take it as a compliment that my little friends dress up for me!

Here is some of Peter’s work to enjoy.

toddler portrait


preschooler in a bucket