Everyone I have read this book to–parents and kids–wants a copy. That is quite an endorsement.

Through simple blotches of color, author-illustrator Kathryn Otoshi creates a gang of personalities cleverly tied to their hues–quiet Blue, outgoing Orange, bright Green, outgoing Purple and hot-head Red in her book, One. Don’t be thrown off my the apparent simplicity of her drawings and storyline. This book is a winner, rich in language, metaphors, concepts and life lessons.

The colorful blobs of colors maintain their personalities but learn to stand up to the bully, Red, through a courageous peer. The story comes full circle when the diminished bully is asked to join the group to be included. 

Parents, teachers and therapists take notice. This book can enliven a language discussion on many levels. Strategizing on how to deal with a bully, discussing ways to include others, and recognizing feelings are some of the dialogue that can be launched from this story. 

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