In this economy, don’t we want to buy toys and games that have lasting value and provide plenty to stimulate learning in our kids?

When I evaluate baby toys to review, I am looking for many features for your baby to explore and parents to describe to feed your child language to encourage learning. How many sounds, colors, textures, patterns, or shapes can I describe to keep my baby interested and learning? I do look for a balance though. Some toys can be overstimulating to some babies with too many bells and whistles that go off whenever you touch the toy. That can actually be distracting for a baby or toddler who is concentrating hard at investigating their toy.

Cuddle up with Taggies new friendly-faced coupe, covered with soft plush and shiny geometric designed tags. A takeoff from the popular Taggies balls, this car packs more features for your baby to explore and parents to talk about, enhancing learning. Press the button on top to hear “beep, beep” and see his cheeks light up, grab the crinkly wheels, see your reflection in the mirrored bumper, play peek-a-boo with a puppy peering out the window or pull the string to start the wiggle motion. A combination of textures, vibrant colors, and sounds, this compact car is engineered to give kids plenty to investigate and parents many features to describe, feeding your child important language to encourage learning.

Naturally attracted to faces, babies find his endearing expression invites conversation, providing practice for future chats. See my full review.