Child on Taggies Rocker GiraffeWhen I choose a toy for review, I am often surprised at how kids react to the toy. They show me new dimensions for play or sometimes the lack of exciting potential. They teach me whenever I let them!

I saw the Taggies Rocker by International Playthings at the International Toy Fair in New York City this winter and was drawn in by that adorable giraffe’s goofy smile. I thought it would be fun to ride as well as play with and I was right.

My little toy testers are neighborhood kids, grandchildren and families that I work with. I arrived at the first house with my giraffe and was greeted at the door by the three kids, one, two and-a-half and four years old. They were thrilled to try out my giraffe and wanted to know if he was staying. After a while, Mom had to get out the timer to regulate turns on this popular safari friend. His next stop was at one-year-old Caroline’s to be tried out by her gang of pals. Since the toy is designed for one to three year-olds, it was interesting to see how the different ages related to the giraffe. One-year-olds needed assistance in getting on the animal and loved the ride but also enjoyed exploring the taggies, crinkled ears, and varied patched of texture. Caroline entered the playroom in the morning, pulled herself to a stand, hugged and pet the giraffe and then explored his eyes and cheeks, fascinated with his face. Her two-and-a-half year old pal, Kallie, climbed right up and went for a rockin’ ride.

Don’t we want a toy that has more than one function? This rocker can wear out a toddler in motion or entertain a crawler with the varied sounds, colors, patterns and textures on his plush body.

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