News 12 Connecticut, 12 on Health, TV and Infants


Last week I was contacted by News 12 Connecticut to be interviewed on my thoughts about the latest study to come out finding that with each additional hour of TV that infants and toddlers watched, they verbalized less and engaged in fewer conversations with adults–creating an environment detrimental to language development.

I was happy to share my thoughts. The results made sense to me–how many adults or children for that matter, engage in a lot of conversation while watching TV? The problem is that language is learned through engaging with live speakers and is delivered in a social setting. We learn from how people talk as well as what they say.

I enjoyed the experience with host, Gillian Neff, who was very professional and well-prepared on the subject.

If you are interested in viewing the interview it will be airing Saturday and Sunday, June 13 and 14 at the following times:

Saturday: 6:30, 10:00, 1:30, and 5:30

Sunday: 6:30, 10:00, 12:30, 4:00, and 10:30.