Circo wooden train setTarget offers many house brand toys for creative play that are affordable and fun. I thought I would try out the Circo 70 piece Train Set after much success with the Circo Frog Tent. 

I wasn’t disappointed and either were my 3 year-old toy testers! We had lots of fun sending the three trains and two trucks down the ample track. We added a little pink Playdoh as “dirt” to flatten with the roller, then set out the forest of trees and added the caution gates as well as the many traffic signs. The wooden men hung out near the train, went to the “Office” for tickets or rode on top of the train with the aide of some Playdoh! One parent was so impressed with the 70 piece construction set for $25.99 since she said the Thomas trains are over $10 each. For added props to encourage creative play and language development, the 120 piece Circo Train Set ($39.99) had a helicopter and landing pad, airplane with a runway, five buildings and a mountain to drive through. 

Circo wooden train from Target

Let me know some lower priced toys that deliver the creativity with your kids. What have you found that’s fun?