Fisher Price trainYesterday when I was interviewed for Channel 12 News about what to do when your 2 year-old isn’t talking, I talked about the process to go through to get your child evaluated, but also mentioned what to do to stimulate language.

Here are some tips:

  • Label objects, people, movements in your child’s environment that they are experiencing. “I hear the dog barking,” or “the tree has green leaves.”
  • Pause after naming things like “juice,” “cup,” “train,” and see if your child attempts to imitate you.
  • Talk about what your child is doing, feeling, hearing or thinking as they play and experience the day. “The sand must be scratchy on your leg,” or “That truck is going fast.”
  • Don’t ask a lot of questions because that can actually inhibit language since it puts a child on the spot. Let them talk and express themselves, even if we don’t understand them!
  • Use language enriching toys that move, have people, invite creative play and have props for many settings (eating, sitting, traveling, sleeping etc.) Yesterday, I used this Fisher Price Li’ Movers Motorized Train to give people rides, buys tickets, make a phone call or visit the farm.