Mega Bloks dump truckIn anticipation of our visit with my grandchildren, their mom asked me if I would assess Caroline’s toys and give her ideas for what she might need at age 15 months.

Upon arrival, I saw that Caroline had plenty of great toys for stimulating language–a toy house for pretend, plenty of push toys including a stroller for her “baby,” lots of containers to dump and refill and many books.

We took her off to the pool and she went right for a 3 year-old boy’s truck, intent on getting it out of his clutches. Since grandma and grandpa forgot toys, we were lucky that a mom offered us an extra car. The rest of our visit involved sending the car down the slope of the pool into the water and retrieving it.

When we got home, I declared, “Caroline needs a truck!” We went off to Target and got this Mega Bloks Li’L Dump Truck and she was delighted. It had all the prerequisites for a good language toy: a person to talk and drive, moving parts, blocks to create with and a dumper to collect things and dump.