Child's responsibility chartWhen I came to Reagan’s house this week, Mom looked a little disappointed that Reagan had not wanted to practice her speech as she usually did. As we know as therapists, kids that practice in our absence make more progress! So, knowing how Reagan likes crafts, I suggested she make a fun chart and put a stamp on each day when she practiced so I could see it next week when I come.

Mom offered an even better idea. She said, “Let’s add it to your “Responsibility Chart!” She showed me the changeable wooden chart made by Melissa and Doug that hung on the wall. Along with pre-scripted responsibilities like “Brush your Teeth,” “Stop Whining,” and “Hands to Yourself,” there were blank cards to add personal responsibilities specific to your child. Mom immediately wrote “Speech” on the blank strip and we were ready to practice. The circular magnetic discs to fill in when you accomplished your tasks are rewarding to the child as they pick “Way to Go,” “Super,” or “Awesome to add to the chart.

What ideas are you using to encourage your child to practice their speech goals between sessions? Share in the comments below.