kids and parents on slideOne of the joys of motherhood is to see your children become parents. You get to re-live their child-like attributes as you see them come out as parents.

Last weekend two of my sons and their families met for a family get together in North Carolina. They ventured off to a new indoor playground, “Plaza Fiesta.” which they described as “like a McDonalds Play Land times 10 with several stories of padded ramps, tunnels and swirling slides,
and an immense amount of static electricity snapping and popping all over the place.” The oldest had been there before with his daughter and even planned his attire for minimal static electricity! They apparently wore themselves out, going up and down the four story slides and topped off the experience with authentic Mexican food.

The adult child who loved to draw, has art time with his 1 1/2 year-old,  spreading crayons and paint out for experimenting and the one who taught himself to play the guitar, is patiently teaching his 3 year-old.

I didn’t realize how much fun it would be to see their childhood played out again in a new little body!